setting up kvm on fedora 27

KVM stands for Kernel based Virtual-machine which provides capabilities to run multiple multiple hosts on a system.

dnf @virtualization bridge-utils qemu-kvm virt-manager virt-install qemu-img libvirt libvirt-python libvirt-client -y

after installing libvirt tools when accessing virsh as a normal user you will prompted for authentication.

==== AUTHENTICATING FOR org.libvirt.unix.manage ===
System policy prevents management of local virtualized systems
Authenticating as: cipher

To fix this issue we need to add $USER to group libvirt

#sudo usermod -aG libvirt $USER
#sudo grep libvirt /etc/group
reload changes without logging out.
#newgrp $USER

After this you can access virsh without any authentication , but we dont see running kvm hosts here.

#virsh list --all
Id Name State

Add below line to .bashrc to fix the above error
ehco “ENV[‘VAGRANT_DEFAULT_PROVIDER’] = ‘libvirt'” >> .bashrc
export LIBVIRT_DEFAULT_URI=qemu:///system