Setting default gateway from virsh-net command line

Generally when a network  is configured from virsh-define for a particular range say it gateway will be automatically assigned to, if the gateway wants to be changed to then it can be done by using virsh-net edit command line option from cli.
<route family=’ipv4′ address=’′ prefix=’24’ gateway=’’/>
Check the existing virsh networks

cipher  ~  virsh net-list
Name State Autostart Persistent
cipher-nat1 active yes yes
cipher-nat2 active yes yes
cipher-nat3 active yes yes
default active yes yes
docker-machines active yes yes

Stop the network , make configuration changes then start it.

cipher  ~  virsh net-destroy cipher-nat2
Network cipher-nat2 destroyed

cipher  ~  virsh net-edit cipher-nat2


cipher  ~  virsh net-start cipher-nat2
Network cipher-nat2 started