Changing nagios main page on fedora 26.

1.To setup nagios refer

2.when nagios is installed default page is shown like below i want to change it to service page when opened nagios page by default.

edit the file  /usr/share/nagios/html/index.php

[17:51 root@server …/nagios/html]# vi /usr/share/nagios/html/index.php

$url = ‘main.php’;
change it to
$url = ‘/nagios/cgi-bin/tac.cgi’;
for more information on status cgi please refer to

[17:53 root@server …/nagios/html]# systemctl restart nagios

Now we can see status page is set as default.

3.Changing nagios contact email address
vi /etc/nagios/objects/contacts.cfg
email nagios@localhost
change this to  root@localhost

4.set email forwarder from root to cipher
vi /etc/aliases
root: cipher