Breathing life into old laptop with fedora xfce.

By | December 1, 2018

I am using a 11 years old dell d630 laptop having 4gigs of ram, Intel core 2 duo GM965 max clock frequency at 2.0Ghz with 2 cores, laptop boot times were relatively very slow i wanted an upgrade badly.

before buying a new laptop i wanted to give a try optimizing laptop to see if it has power to run newer linux distributions like fedora, ubuntu, linux lite with full blown virtualization KVM ( i know its bit overload on the server).

Since the core2duo supports VT which has to be enabled in bios after that we can host vm guets on this, the choice of hypervisor would be KVM which is a default hypervisor for linux, another reason to choose KVM is because of its minimalistic and highly configurable with very close comapatibilty with linux kernels as it comes built in and enabled in newer linux kernels.

Typical working laptop setup for me would be fedora with xfce having a Virtualizor like KVM hositng guests on it, running vagrant with provider as KVM ( easy to spin up vms and tear them down after use).

1.increased ram to 4gb from 2GB.
2.Replaced HDD harddisk with SSD for better disk i/o performance.
3.Replaced thermal paste on precessor , cleaning fan.
4.Added a new battery for better battey backup.

1.Tweaking ssd for better lifespan and read write i/o speeds.

Optimizing disk i/o speeds and lifespan of ssd on fedora(29)

2.Configuring disk caching methods for performance optimzation especially for acting as KVM-host.
3.Enabling KSM for better memory optimization.
4.Tweaking sappiness settings to utilize ram more efficiently.